Planning an Upcoming Move

Santa Will Find You Even After You Move!

The holidays are quickly approaching. If you are planning to move from one home to another during the holiday season and you have kids, you could have a small problem. Kids count on good old Santa Clause to find them sleeping in their beds with a Christmas tree just in the other room. Something like moving during the holiday could cause some fear in the kids, thinking that Santa won't be able to find them. Here are a few ideas that can help you remove some of the stress of your holiday moves when it comes to your kids and Santa:

Talk it Out

Get a plate of cookies and a couple glasses of milk and sit down for a conversation with the kids. This conversation is meant to give your kids peace of mind in knowing that no matter where they are, Santa will find them. Tell them how some families go to far away places to celebrate the holiday and that Santa still manages to find their kids.

Letters and Lanterns for Santa

For a lot of little ones, the conversation will not be good enough to really make them believe that Santa will have no problems finding them. Sit down and write a letter to Santa. In this letter, give him the new address with the wish list and tell him that you will have a light of some kind in your kids' windows to light the way for him.

Then, as Christmas comes near, put a small lantern or light in your kids' windows and refresh their memories of the letter you have written.

Deck the Halls

A big part of Christmas is the decorations. When you move around the holidays, the last thing you're really going to want to do is to drag out boxes and bins of Christmas decorations and get busy stringing lights and lacing garland through the branches on your tree. This is one element of the holiday you should never put off. Put up a tree, hang your stockings and try to keep up with the holiday family traditions that the kids have known up until now.

Don't think this means you have to go all out with the decorations, but make the home feel like home as it did the year before and your kids will feel much better about things as Christmas Eve approaches.

Your family is about to get a fresh start and it's awesome that one of the first things you'll be doing is celebrating such a wonderful holiday. Enjoy your time preparing the kids and watching as they learn to love Christmas in a new home. Contact a company like Mountain Moving Systems for more information and assistance.