Planning an Upcoming Move

Two Moving Mistakes To Avoid Making

Think you have everything figured out for your moving day? Unfortunately, there are mistakes that can be made that you will not realize until you start loading up the moving truck or unpacking your belongings. Be sure to avoid these two things for a successful move.

Packing Dishware In Newspaper

You will want to ensure that all of your dishwares makes it to your new place without breaking, so this means taking extra care when it comes to packing them up. In order to save money, you may be tempted to wrap those dishes and glasses up in old newspaper. While this may help them get to their destination without breaking, it could still ruin the dishes.

The problem with using newspaper as a packing material is that the ink will easily transfer off the newspaper and onto the item. Think of how easily newsprint transfers to Silly Putty, and then imagine that happening to your fine china.

It is worth it to spend some money on quality packing material. This includes soft tissue paper without any print on it, bubble wrap, and some moving boxes designed especially for your glasses and dishes.

Using Irregularly Shaped Boxes

Another way you may try to save money is by using whatever containers you can find to pack your stuff up. This may mean picking up some extra boxes from Costco, putting items in plastic totes, or basically using whatever you can find that your stuff can go into.

When you use odd shaped packing material, it is going to cause a big problem when it comes time to load the moving van. Boxes need to stack up to the ceiling and must be able to support the weight of other boxes so that the items inside do not become crushed. The result of using odd shaped boxes and packing containers is items being damaged in transit, needing a bigger moving truck, or making several trips with the truck to take everything with you.

It is worth it to get actual moving boxes. If you do not want to spend the cash, track down used boxes online that people are selling for a lower price or giving away for free.

For more tips on mistakes that can be avoided on your moving day, reach out to local movers in your area. Not only can they help you out with the heavy lifting, but they can make the whole day go smoothly. For more information, contact a business such as ALTAWANA EXPRESS.